Power in Tigers and Whales

Company History

In 1957 Edwin Frutiger founded  in Switzerland the first company of the FRUTIGER-Group called E. Frutiger+Co. Problem solvers in the construction and environment field. Import of niche products and development of own innovative product lines generated a steady growth.

With their main product lines Scrapedozer and Wheel Washing Systems MobyDick FRUTIGER-Group leads the market. Independent companies in Europe and overseas together with motivated partners guarantee our customers qualified contact persons.

SR 53 in the fifties
Roller unit with 24 single rolls, 1995
World debut MD Quick, 1996
Frutiger Team at the headquarter

Milestones of the Company History:

1957 Import of the first Scrapedozer to Switzerland

1958 Transfer of place of business from Zurich to Winterthur

1964 First trip to Japan of Edwin Frutiger

1967 Import of the first Japanese Scrapedozer to Switzerland

1982 Sale of the first Piledriver

1985 Start of the business line Wheel Washing Systems

1986 Entry of Jürg and Urs Frutiger into the company

1993 Launch of the first homepage

1994 Management takeover by Jürg and Urs Frutiger

2000 Start of development of SR 3000 TIGER

2002 Start sale of Wheel Washing Systems in North America
          Founding Frutiger Poland

2007 Jürg Frutiger leaves the company
           Founding Frutiger China

2008 Change of corporate status in FRUTIGER Company AG

2012 Import of the first Scrapedozer T-12 produced by a Joint-Venture in China

2014 Start off MobyDick Dust Control