Power in Tigers and Whales

FRUTIGER - The road to become a world market leader

In 1957 Edwin Frutiger founded  in Switzerland the first company of the FRUTIGER-Group called E. Frutiger+Co. Problem solvers in the construction and environment field. Import of niche products and development of own innovative product lines generated a steady growth.

SR53 in the 50's
Presentation of Quick, 1996
New Headquarter, 2006
SR T-18 at bauma, 2010
Introduction of MD ONE, 2016

Milestones in the Company Histroy:

1957: Import of the first Scrapedozer to Switzerland.

1958: Company relocation from Zurich to Winterthur.

1964: First Japan trip of Edwin Frutiger.

1967: Import of the first Scrapedozer from Japan.

1982: Sale of the first drilling excavator.

1985: Start of the Wheel Washing branch.

1986: Company entry of Urs and Jürg Frutiger.

1993: Start up of the first Company Homepage.

1994: Urs and Jürg Frutiger taking over the Company.

1996: Presentation of the worlds frist drive through Wheel Washing System MobyDick Quick.

2000: Start of the SR 3000 Tiger developement.

2002: FRUTIGER starts with wheel washing on the US Market. 
          Wheel Washing production start in Czech.

2004: Establishing an FRUTIGER branch in Poland.
          Presentation of the first Scrapedozer 3000 TIGER.

2006: Moving into the new Headquarters.

2007: Jürg Frutiger leaves the Company. 
          Opening of the frist branch in Changsha, China.
          50 years anniversary of the Group.

2008: Change of name to FRUTIGER Company AG.

2010: Presentation of the Wheel Washing Line ConLine. 
          Development of Scrapedozer T-18.

2012: Import of the first Scrapedozer T12 produced by a joint venture in China.

2014: Introduction of dust suppression systems MobyDick.

2015: Establishment of a branch in Cedar Lake, USA.
          Expansion of the production capacity in the Czech Republic.

2016: Presentation of the next Wheel Washing generation MobyDick ONE.