Power in Tigers and Whales

FRUTIGER Rebranding

We are proud to announce that FRUTIGER Company is presenting itself in a new way. 

About three years ago our company decided to slowly offtake the Scrapedozer range und lay our focus more on the growing products of Wheel Washing Systems and Dust Control. 

Because our previous claim “power in tigers and whales” was connected strongly with Scrapedozers it didn’t fit well with our current range of duty anymore. As part of this we decided to revise our logo and claim. The goal of our new claim is, to establish the affinity of our worldwide known product brand MobyDick  with the company name FRUTIGER, which is well-known in the German-speaking regions. After an intense exchange of ideas and busy discussions we are now able to present us with a slightly changed Logo and the Claim: FRUTIGER – a whale, a promise! 

Of course our know-how, the quality as well as our values and services for you still remain! 

20.10.2017 15:35 Età: 1 Jahre